LoveLy Call  Amazing Internet Telephony servic  that makes your long-distance charges disappear from your phone bill. All you have to pay is the local Internet  connection charges! The procedures of making an Internet phone call are similar to those of making a traditional long-distance call. It's easy to use.
LoveLy Call provides international, long distance and local PC 2 Phone, Device 2 Phone Mobile 2 Phone, communications over Internet. Our service connects Internet and normal phone users by offering high quality VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony over Internet .

 LoveLy Call offer;

        * Nokia  Dialer           * Pc2Phone               * iPhone Dialer!   

        * Black Berry Dialer   * Windows Dialer

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iPhone Dialer!
LoveLy Call
* Display Balance,  CDR
* Timer ,  VPN
for iPhone / iPod
Lovely Call for Mobile!
Android Dialer!
* Display Balance
* Last Call duration
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Included VPN , can make calls from Blocked Areas!
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